Twig Neo: the new wearable device for isolated workers

TWIG Neo is the new wearable man-down device designed for isolated workers and to adapt to different contexts and personal safety needs.

Small and scalable

The new device from the Finnish brand TWIG is small and scalable and offers multiple usage options which make it particularly ideal for maintenance personnel, laboratory staff, logisticians and healthcare assistants. Like all devices in the TWIG range, the new Neo is equipped with the advanced man-down detection capable of triggering an alarm in the event of man down, non-movement, impact and free fall.

Twig-NeoThe additional functionalities of the new TWIG Neo

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the new TWIG device can be easily adapted to specific needs by selecting only the necessary options and functionalities and configuring it for a specific isolated work situation. Although very small, the device provides all essential security functions and supports 2G/3G hands-free voice calls and 4G data communication. È remotely configurable and can be easily integrated into various monitoring systems.

Among the many new features introduced with the device, some significantly differentiate it from the model TWIG Embody. Here are the most relevant ones:

  • customisable user menu for the advanced features
  • Stronger clip and SIM tray with screw lock for added security
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) upgradeable via network
  • 4G data communication
  • desktop charging station compatible with TWIG One

Hybrid localisation with SRD3

TWIG Neo is the first multi-wearable TWIG device to benefit from the hybrid localisation TWIG Point Netloc for both public space localisation (mobile + Wi-Fi) and on-site localisation (TWIG SRD + Wi-Fi + BLE). The extreme precision in both indoor and outdoor environments ensures top-quality security standards. Furthermore, thanks to the integration possibilities with the Ir-Track software devised by Irbema, it is possible to view directly on the desktop or smartphone the exact point at which the alarm was generated.

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