Thermoscanners and access control: the ultimate guide

Everything you need to know to reopen safely

Over the past year, we have become accustomed to seeing various body temperature measurement systems at the entrances of companies, shops and public buildings. However, all thermoscanners are not the same and do not offer the same guarantees. Hence, in view of the forthcoming reopenings it is essential to be able to identify the most appropriate solutions for each different request.

The guide produced by Irbema is designed precisely to meet this need and provides all the necessary information for the correct prevention of Covid-19. Through proper input management and the correct use of thermoscanner, it is indeed possible to protect the safety of workers and guests of the facility, conveniently and quickly. Download it here

Professional thermoscanners: why they will also be useful in the post-Covid period

In addition to providing invaluable help during this pandemic period, professional thermoscanners provide another important advantage over inferior devices. In fact, only a few systems make it possible to fully realise the value of the investment, thanks to the technology of facial recognition e access control. This will make it possible to reuse the device in the post-Covid period, also thanks to the multifunctional touchscreen and the possibility of customising audio messages.


Thermoscanner for remote measurement

Many companies have already chosen this type of solution. Among them is also Exhibo SpA, a company operating in the audio, video and lighting sector and present in the Top 500 ranking of Monza and Brianza drawn up by Assolombarda. Specifically, the company needed to monitor access to the facility for employees and external guests, without the need for a measurement officer. At the same time, it needed a device that could be placed on a glass wall and that could interact with the automatically sliding entrance door. It was therefore decided to install ThermoPADthe innovative and professional body temperature measurement system.

In addition to measuring the temperature in less than 0.5 seconds, the device is able to detect individuals without a mask by automatically blocking the entrance door connected to it. This has allowed Exhibo a significant saving time and resources also ensuring a high standard of safety.

The system just mentioned can be easily adapted to any context, in particular is ideal for:

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Offices, companies and industry
  • Schools
  • Shops, supermarkets and shopping centres

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