The reduction of the average INAIL tariff rate (OT24)

Article 24 of the Modalities for the application of the Tariffs issued by Ministerial Decree of 12.12.2000, as last amended by Ministerial Decree of 3.3.2015, provides for the application by INAIL of a reduction in the average tariff rate to companies that have carried out interventions to improve safety and hygiene conditions in the workplace, in addition to those provided for by the relevant legislation.

Inail defines the interventions that are considered valid for the purposes of granting the benefit on the basis of their preventive value and, for each intervention, identifies the documentation proving their implementation.

To qualify for the reduction, the company that has carried out these improvements must submit a special application (OT24 form), exclusively in telematic mode, through the Online Services section on the website www.inail.ittogether with the supporting documents requested by the Institute.

A score is attributed to each intervention. To be eligible for the average rate reduction, interventions must have been carried out such that the sum of their scores equals at least 100.

The reduction in the average rate is determined in relation to the number of workers per year in the period, according to the following scheme:

Workers-YearReduction %
Up to 1028%
From 11 to 5018%
51 to 20010%
Over 2005%

The score attributed to the man-down devices various 20 to 50 points in relation to the sector to which the company belongs.

The section of the OT24 form to be completed relating to man-at-ground devices is framework E8 'Interventions for the prevention of lone working risk'.

The following documentation proves it:
- purchase invoice for the device
- excerpt from the DVR showing the tasks at risk for lone working



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