The importance of devices for isolated workers

In the first days of September, two cases occurred in northern Italy that, once again, prove the importance of equipping isolated workers and protected categoriesof devices to ensure their security.

The case of Brescia

A 76-year-old gentleman was found after two days agonising in the basement of a shop, suffering a severe head injury.

Transported to intensive care in a very serious condition, the 76-year-old man is said to have fallen from a ladder while workingwithout ever being able to recover.

Source: TGCOM24

The case of Padua

For three days, a 76-year-old man from Montegrotto Terme in the province of Padua was trapped in a manhole while looking for his keys.

Once he was located and found to be still alive, he was extracted from the grate thanks to the intervention of Alpine Rescue and the Fire Brigade.

Source: TGCOM24

Which devices to choose for isolated workers?

Both cases ended with a happy ending, but danger is always around the corner and can affect both workers working in an isolated environment and protected categories (the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled,...).

Equipping isolated and elderly workers with devices for their personal protection should not only be a civic, but also a moral obligation.

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