DECT Cordless Phones

Ascom IP DECT is a wireless communication solution offering enterprise-class telephony, professional messaging, personal alarms and localisation on secure and dedicated frequency bands, developed to support DECT technology in a LAN.


Ascom d43 cordless phone

The IP40-certified Ascom d43 is a durable, long-lasting DECT cordless phone with simple, intuitive technology that makes everyday work easier.

The Ascom d43's telephone compartment is of a high standard: wideband HD audio, centralised management, a central local phone book, and a backlit colour LCD screen complete an entry-level product with all the features of a top-class product.
All these features are accompanied by a long-lasting battery (180h in stad-by, 16h in talk time) and fast charging (less than 4h with the dedicated charging station).

Ascom d63 cordless phone

The IP44-certified Ascom d63 features high-end telephony with wideband audio, interactive messaging, multi-user functionality, Bluetooth, location (DECT or IR) and personal alarm, all in a DECT cordless phone with proven features and performance.

Depending on requirements, the Ascom d63 is available in different models: from the robust receiver equipped only with telephony (Talker) to the one that also supports professional messaging (Messenger), up to the advanced model that includes personal alarm and location functionality (Protector).

Ascom d63TalkerMessengerProtector
Centralised management
Advanced Messaging
DECT localisation
IR localisation
Alarm button

Ascom d83 cordless phone

Ascom d83, is the new generation handset certified IP67 to withstand drops, water and chemicals. Reliability and robustness characterise the enterprise-level handset available in three versions (Talker, Messenger and Protector) in which high quality telephony is combined with advanced messaging and personal alarm functions (manual button, rip alarm, man downnot motion), IR localisation, LF, Dect and BLE.

The large 2.4″ TFT colour display and long battery life make it ideal for all professional environments, from healthcare facilities to large industrial environments, and the Messenger and Protector models are also available in an Atex version.

Ascom d83TalkerMessengerProtector
Resistant to shocks, vibrations, falls, extreme temperatures and chemicals
Centralised device management
Central Address Book
Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless headset
3.5 mm contact for wired headphones
Shared telephone
Advanced messaging with priority, confirmation, call setup, display colours and LEDs
Services and connections for telephone calls, sending messages, sending data, etc.
Localisation with BLE, DECT, IR and LF technologies
Alarms and push-button, man-down, no-movement and emergency pull


Ascom's IP DECT devices are designed to be robust, high-performance and small in size to improve the quality of everyday work.


Ascom IP DECT allows full integration between the normal voice function (voice) and personal and technology messaging and alarms.
IpDect is a wireless communication system with low output power and short range coverage, and can be connected, via normal IpPbx, with the public line (PSTN).
Thanks to the automatic transfer of communication between base stations (hand-over), the user can move between different cell coverage areas without experiencing the slightest degradation of the communication in progress.
Ascom Ip Dect was designed with a focus on the future: integration with IP (internet) networks is ensured by a series of devices through which advanced applications can be offered, including:


Small in size and light in weight (just 35 grams), COBS Talk is able to establish voice communication with another DECT device at the touch of a button.

  • Simple and easy to use (one button)
  • Easily worn, even around the neck
  • Voice communication with other DECT devices
  • Efficiency and safety in healthcare
  • IP-56 certified
  • Hand-free operation possible thanks to loudspeaker
  • Lightweight and compact (60x22mm for 35 grams)
  • Long-lasting standby battery (more than 72 hours)

The system works thanks to an IPPBX switchboard, which is the heart of the system and manages the radio cells and is equipped with interfaces that allow interconnection with an existing telephone network and, suitably equipped, constitutes an advanced telephone switchboard itself.
This technology offers the possibility of covering areas of any size from the smallest to the largest such as large industries, hospitals, airports, etc.

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