Sound evacuation: the new system for the capital's stadium

The initial situation:

Italy's most important and well-known stadium needed to install a system EVAC inside the VIP lounges in order to comply with current regulations. The need was to set up an environment designed to welcome the most important international guests with a sound evacuation system capable of integrating perfectly with a high quality sound diffusion.

To best cover a large area divided into ten zones, a powerful system capable of covering long distances was needed. In addition, the design also had to ensure the highest quality of sound diffusion. To meet this requirement, the choice fell on Impact of 4Evaca sound evacuation system equipped with DSP (digital system processor). Impact is able to integrate naturally with the AD-C6T-VH audio speakers from QscIt also provides numerous advantages in terms of installation.

4Evac sound evacuation

At strategic points in the area, the 4Evac-SW6 expansion modules were installed to minimise cable and installation. In addition, thanks to the microphone equipped with a intuitive touchscreen display it was possible to avoid the installation of repeater panels as required by regulations. In fact, the display shows alarms, faults, central status, as well as giving the possibility to see the history of actions performed by the user or the system.

Impact-4evacQsc audio speakers

The choice was to install 34 ceiling speakers Qscto comply with the regulation that only certified diffusers may be used EN-54 for sound evacuation. The sound system designed by Irbema had to guarantee a unique experience in terms of room acoustics. For this, speakers were needed to ensure homogeneous sound diffusion throughout the hall with high quality standards.

The AD-C6T-WH flush-mount loudspeakers with magnetic grille were the best solution to meet this requirement. This is thanks to the perfect integration with the evac system. 4Evac Impact's central unit allows music to be played in the hall and interrupted in case of emergency for activate the speakers in sound evacuation mode. 



The end result

Thanks to the experience of Irbema installation and configuration of the entire system took just one day. In addition, maintenance of the system is reduced to a minimum by only changing worn batteries. In this way, one of the most exclusive areas of the Roman stadium could quickly be brought into line with current regulations without sacrificing high sound and aesthetic performance.


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