Occupational safety in banks: the solutions

There are many dangerous and emergency situations that can occur in banks. Robberies, assaults or sickness; In each of these cases, devices are needed to alerting emergency services instantly and, above all, discreet so as not to be seen by attackers.

Banks' high security standards require professional and internationally recognised systems

The kit designed by Irbema is fully scalable and easily installedIt can also, depending on requirements, consist of: pocket alarm Ascom a51, bracelet Twig Remote Button SRD or bracelet Neat Smile ID. This variety of solutions is possible thanks to professional systems designed in Sweden and Finland to ensure safety at work in banks.


How does it work?



Pocket alarm Ascom a51

Ascom a51 is the ideal pocket alarm for personal security and physical restraint alarms.

The lightweight and compact device designed by Ascom is ideal for providing security inside banks. Equipped with man-down and automatic no-motion alarm, a51 also features a precise IR localisation and LF.

The safety lace triggers an alarm when the device is forcibly removed, and alarm confirmations ensure the user that alerts are sent correctly.

Some technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions (h × h × d): 86 × 51 × 19 mm
  • Weight: 84 g including battery
  • Up to 120 characters per message
  • Up to 10 messages (480 characters max.)
  • 7 individually programmable acoustic signals
  • Protection class: IP40, EN60529


Twig Remote Button SRD Bracelet

TWIG Remote Button SRD is the short-range device designed to be worn on the wrist, around the neck or in the pocket.

TWIG Remote Button is worn and operated discreetly. The alarm is triggered by pressing the red button, while a green light indicates to the user that the message has been received. For maximum security at work in banks, TWIG Remote Button can:

  • activate automated voice calls via TWIG device;
  • send remote signals silently or noisily;
  • provide information on the cause and sender of the message.

The device is waterproof (IP67 certified) and has an operating temperature range of -20 C° to +50 C°. In addition, it is ideal for banking environments because works best indoors thanks to the category 2 SRD receiver, guaranteeing a reliable communication to endangered workers in a restricted area.

Thanks to the new holder, TWIG Remote Button SRD can be easily fixed on any surface, e.g. under the table.


Neat Smile ID bracelet

Neat Smile ID is the alarm transmitter wireless equipped with Indoor tracking.

The wireless bracelet designed by Neat is a concrete solution for ensuring security in banks. Thanks to the two-way radio link, the device of Swedish production allows alarms to be sent quickly and easily.

The device is equipped with 4-colour LEDs to signal radio activation and reception confirmation. The alarm is activated by a light touch on the red alarm button, while a green LED confirms receipt of the message. If this does not happen, the alarm is automatically sent again.

Lightweight and small, Neat Smile ID is ideal for wearing on the wrist and ensures maximum comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. In addition, the device features a long-life battery and optimised transmission power, making it reliable and efficient for banking environments.


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