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Telecare for the elderly

Many elderly people are prone to suffer from various chronic diseases
that hinder their ability to live an active and independent life. Therefore, solutions have been designed to improve the living standards of the elderly by helping them to live healthier lives while reducing the efforts and costs for caregivers.


Telecare and life-saving bracelet for the elderly

Novo is Neat's innovative digital telecare platform. Combined with the SMILE personal alarm bracelet, the device is able to transmit alarms using the GSM network thanks to a SIM card inserted inside.

  • Communication capability via integrated GSM module and LAN interface
  • Easily programmable and installable
  • Compatible with NEAT radio sensors
  • Always online, even during system updates
  • Plug and play' device
  • Powerful loudspeaker
  • SMILE IP67-certified senior citizen life-saving bracelet

Certification and security of protocols

Unlike many products on the market, NOVO has all the certifications required by the European Union for digital telecare systems, including EN50134-2, which indicates that the product meets European standards for social alarms.
In addition, NOVO uses internationally recognised protocols such as SIA Dc 09.

Compliance with regulations


NOVO calls the operations centre several times. This avoids problems if for any reason the call is not successful the first time.


Operators at the operations centre can understand what is causing a problem on the telephone line. No extra charge and no waiting.


Audible and visual indicators indicate when the control centre activates and disconnects the call.


The sensitivity of NOVO's microphone allows the user to be heard clearly by the control centre even when at a distance from the device.


Emergency button on the front that allows an emergency call to be activated. E.g. if the elderly person loses the wristband, it can be used as temporary protection.


A differently coloured button on the front of the NOVO allows you to cancel any calls made accidentally.

  • Thanks to the CMP (Care Management Portal) of the NOVO system, it is possible:
    Supervise the status of assistance systems at any time from any device
  • Monitor the user continuously even in the event of a power failure (2 - 12 days)
  • Configure NOVO remotely and update it automatically

But the CMP is not only for alarms, it also keeps track of events by communicating continuously with the senior citizen life-saving bracelet SMILE.


Innovative life-saving senior wristband and locator

NOVO Go is an innovative new mobile telecare solution that encourages independent mobility away from home while maintaining a professional support and response service. This mode opens the door to a completely new dimension of Technology Enabled Care.

The freedom to feel safe, anytime, anywhere
At the touch of a button, NOVO Go establishes a voice connection with the dedicated responder or home emergency call centre receiving the alarm. To maximise efficiency, the person's location can be determined at any time, even if no alarm has been triggered. NOVO Go offers peace of mind to its users, anytime, anywhere.

NOVO Go is designed to give users security and independence in everyday life, both inside and outside the home, providing peace of mind every step of the way. It supports two-way audio communication and has an easy-to-press alarm button. Once activated, the device can immediately alert a rescuer and provide precise details on the location of the person requiring assistance. NOVO Go has a modern, discreet design that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck."

Specifically designed for use as a professional telecare device and complies with all relevant standards.

Fully integrated into the Legrand Care ecosystem and compatible with a full range of radio remote assistance devices.

Modern, discreet design with a simple user interface that is ultra-comfortable to wear.

It can be used in a variety of different configurations to ensure that the user is kept safe and independent, both inside and outside the home.

Fully integrated into the Legrand Care ecosystem and compatible with a full range of radio remote assistance devices.
NOVO Go can identify its user's location at any time
Even if the alarm has not been activated, NOVO Go can also be used as a passive mobile security device and alerting solution for people with reduced cognitive function.