Professional, simple and sustainable video conferences?

Smart working and remote video conferencing are changing the world of work. Increasingly, video conferences are the first channel for meeting new customers and partners, which is why it is becoming crucial to making the most of the new relationship preventing it from being damaged by faulty technology or a low-quality experience.

Online meetings are becoming increasingly longer and more important and are now an integral part of the working dayboth in the office and at home. It is therefore necessary to equip employees with quick and easy systems which at the same time guarantee professional and quality performance.

How to make video conferencing easier?

Konftel video conferencing systems are the best answer to this question, allowing you to organise a meeting in less than a minute and adapting to typical home environment issues such as low light and not always optimal acoustics. In addition, choosing products from the same supplier further facilitates the experience of workers and IT support, which is why Konftel has developed a range of products that support the user at every stage of use.

As mentioned above, audio and video have an important impact on the success of a video conference. A sharp and natural image contributes to increasing the perception of professionalism, so it is a good idea to opt for a video camera that suits the size of the room, the number of meeting participants and the purpose of the meeting. The same applies to the choice of microphones, which should take into account the need to increase the sitting distance compared to the usual standard.

Sustainable packaging

One of the most obvious advantages of this new way of working undoubtedly concerns the theme of sustainability. Remote meetings help reduce travel and business trips thus decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutionas we have seen in our cities during 2020. For Konftel respect for the environment plays a very significant role, as confirmed by the constant reduction of the impact of its production processes in terms of pollution.

At this time in history when environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important to the consumer, Konftel has been able to rethink not only their production line but also their shipping managementusing packaging made almost entirely of recyclable paper. The size and characteristics of each business have a significant impact on its video conferencing needs. It is not easy to find the ideal product for every company, but Konftel's products are perfect for both video conferences with more than 20 participants and small meeting rooms with just a few participants. Thanks to a full range with products that are affordable for all companies, Konftel's systems are able to deliver professional, tailor-made performance depending on the way the company and its employees operate.


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