Industry 4.0 Plan - Which technologies are involved

Industry 4.0 means production processes carried out by interconnected machinescapable of dialogue, collaboration and preventive maintenance. This type of industry is able to develop more efficient and faster processes compared to a 'classic' type.

The first Industry 4.0 plan was launched within the 2017 budget law with the aim of mobilising private investment additional EUR 10 billion and EUR 11.3 billion of private spending on research, development and innovation with a focus on Industry 4.0 technologies.

The Budget Law of 2020 makes it possible to extend investments for companies investing in innovative 4.0 equipment. The purchase of new machinery instead of taking advantage of the super depreciation of previous years is now facilitated by a tax credit. It will be applied on investments made in 2020, or by 30 June 2021 provided the order is accepted by 31 December 2020, with payment of at least 20%.

Our technologies: Ascom 4.0

Industry 4.0 technologies aim, through connection and interaction between people, machinery e processesimprove the productivity of companies.

Improving productivity can be interpreted in various ways. Ascom, which has integrated more than 20,000 industrial communication systems in Europe and North America, aims to increase productivity through a fast, secure and clear data transmission.

Through the transmission of data and information in a clear manner to designated personnel, the latter can interact with this information and take action accordingly.

Ascom solutions in the Industry sector enable controlling critical equipment (closing a valve, opening a pump) and communicate with colleagues in one-to-one conversations or conferences. The same solutions can be used to communicate in noisy, dusty, humid, hazardous or potentially explosive environments...

Thanks to the certifications and robustness of their mobile devices, Ascom applications are almost unlimited.



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