Pocket pagers

On-site radio communication systems that integrate numerous functionalities such as messaging, personal alarms, location and integration with technical alarm systems. Pagers are small, durable and easy-to-use devices, and are designed for fast and efficient communication in all work contexts.

Information delivered quickly and efficiently

Wide signal coverage range

Possibility of integration with existing systems

Personal Alarms

High reliability index

Ascom 914d pager

Efficient, robust (shock resistant) and user-friendly receiver, certified IP40.

Suitable for all work contexts.

Turns alarm notifications into timely responses and interventions.

The display of the Ascom 914D is positioned on the top and is readable even when the pager is worn in the shirt pocket.

Ascom 914T pager

Certificate IP64. Receiver designed for intensive use, light and compact (only 84g including battery).

Water, dust and shock resistance make the 914T a useful and reliable device in any working condition.

The 914T's audio compartment has a distinct, loud sound signal, ensuring that critical alarms are not missed.

Also available in Ex version for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX).


Ascom a71 pager

Rugged, easy-to-use, two-way messaging pager equipped with

  • infrared (IR) and low frequency (LF) localisation technology,
  • manual and pull personal alarm functionality.

Equipped with detection sensors "man down" or "no movement", the a71 pager can activate a distress call if the user is unable to do so.

It also has an emergency pull that triggers a distress call if the receiver is snatched from the person wearing it.

Also available in Ex version for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX).

Compare pager models

No. of display characters

IP CertificationIP40IP64IP64
SOS panic buttonxx
Pull cordxx
Mandown - No movement alarmxx
IR & LFxxO

O = optional
X = not available
√ = available

Neat Trex nurse call pager

TREX is a wireless system for managing alarms and the nurse call. Its wireless technology allows for easy installation; unlike other systems, it does not require infrastructure for cabling.

Wide-area coverage is provided by REPO+ repeaters and allows operators full mobility within the facility, as patient-generated alarms (also via wristband buttons) are received and displayed directly on the TREX device.

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