Wireless nurse call systems

TREX, the Neat wireless nurse call system 

TREX is the nurse call system for RSA, nursing homes, hospice e social welfare facilities that require wireless technology that is easy to install and does not require cabling infrastructure.

TREX is a wireless system for alarm and nurse call management. Its wireless technology enables a easy installationIn fact, unlike other systems, it does not require cabling infrastructure.

Wide-ranging coverage is guaranteed by REPO+ repeaters and allows operators full mobility within the facility, as patient-generated alarms (also via wristband buttons) are received and displayed directly on the TREX device.
The TREX can be associated with alarms of a different natureproduced either by the patient or healthcare personnel, or generated automatically by gate control and wandering peripherals, or bed occupancy sensors.

Maintenance-free, the Trex wireless nurse call system is flexible and scalable over time thanks to numerous compatible peripherals and accessories.

Wrist fall detector bracelet, smoke, gas, temperature and flood detector are just some of the many sensors that can be combined with the TREX system.

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Efficient organisation

Optimal service processes as well as time and organisational relief for staff through efficient call distribution

Constant event recording

Comprehensive logging for traceable call documentation and best practice analysis

Maximum reliability

Tested and secure radio communication for maximum reliability and safety


Configurable and scalable according to specific needs to suit any care scenario

Bed presence control

The Neat bed presence control is a system that monitors the patient's presence in the bed, with the aim of ensuring his or her safety while minimising the restriction of his or her natural freedoms and needs.

  • Wireless and mobile system
  • Easy installation, no wiring work
  • Supervised battery power supply
  • Capacitive bed presence sensor
  • Patented system that does not generate false alarms
  • Comfortable and easily washable headband

The system is a solution capable of detecting the patient moving away from their bed and, by means of a programmable timer, adapting to the times pre-programmed by the healthcare personnel. When the timer expires, if the resident does not return to bed, the device transmits the alarm to the TREX mobile receivers.

The system ensures the mobility of personnel by communicating emergency events directly to the radio receiver.

The system allows the use of bed/seat sensors easily, ensuring their reuse and thus their mobility according to the needs of the department.

Depending on the area to be covered, you can use one or more REPO+ repeatersThey can be easily and quickly installed on any wall and connected to a simple power supply socket.

Call Management System

The entire range of Neat LegrandCare equipment can be integrated with the innovative Advanced Central Unit D-Tect which includes modules hardware and software for handling events from peripheral devices wireless.


Advanced Central Unit D-Tect helps healthcare professionals through its numerous functionalitiessuch as:

  • Displaying and recording events
  • Alarm display on customised floor plan
  • Advanced alarm management depending on time slot
  • Forwarding of alarms via phone calls and messages via Dect/GSM
  • Alarm forwarding via e-mail
  • Viewing alarms on corridor display via connectivity WiFi/Ethernet
  • Directional dashboard
  • Management of inputs/outputs for communication with third-party equipment
  • Forwarding and receiving of alarms between dislocated locations (multi-tenant)
  • Interfacing with external devices via shared communication protocol (ESPA 4.4, XML, HTTP, etc.).

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