Access control system for the elderly

Gate and access control, monitoring and localisation of elderly patients

The D-POS system is a complete solution of passage controlaccess control e localisation of elderly patientsto enable them to move freely in residential and healthcare centres, and facilitate the daily activities of caregivers. Particularly suitable for locating Alzheimer's patients and dementia sufferers.

  • Wireless and mobile system
  • Easy installation
  • Can be integrated with automated gates
  • Discrete-sized antennas
  • Wrist bracelets/transmitters with cut-resistant buckle

The D-POS system for gate and access control allows the creation of protected and controlled areas for elderly patients, enabling gate control, access control, the wandering control, the localisation of residents within the facility and the transmission of the call via the panic button for both residents and caregivers.

The D-POS system passage control communicates with the mobile TREX device, which receives the ongoing events. The elderly patient, through his wrist transmitter, approaching the controlled gate, receives the low-frequency signals emitted by the antenna of the controlled gate, communicating the event to the operator.

The elderly patient can therefore be monitored without restricting his freedom of movement thanks to the small size and weight of his wrist transmitter.

Thanks to its flexibility, D-POS is particularly suitable for RSAs, nursing homes, hospitals and private flats where the passage control e access control of elderly patients.

Freedom of movement

Guests can move freely in their own areas, simply wearing a hand-held transmitter for monitoring

Flexible and scalable

The D-POS solution is scalable over time and flexible, adapting to different needs and specific contexts

Respectful assistance

The D-POS solution is designed around the needs of disoriented guests, enabling them to live with as much dignity as possible

Maximum reliability

Tested and secure radio communication for maximum reliability and safety, even in the presence of complex architectural structures

Easy to install

D-POS can be installed during normal facility operations, also integrating with third-party systems


Configurable and dimensionable according to the type of gate to be controlled, from small door to large driveway gate

They adopted the D-POS guest monitoring solution

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