Atocha hotel 'Only You' awarded by Caixabank

The Atocha 'Only You' hotel has received the 'Best2018 Hospitality Venue' award from the Caixabank Foundation for its sophisticated design, accommodation offer and ability to include a high-quality hotel audio broadcasting.

The requirements to be rewarded over the years have changed, leading the judges to also evaluate the customer experience based on the music, gastronomy and cocktails offered by the hotel. The 'Only You' facility was the perfect example of how these new factors play an important role.

The sound is certainly one of the strengths of this structure. The hotel also offers a restaurant service during the day, while in the evenings it transforms into a pub with live music. The ARTSOUND company directed by Miguel Benayas took care of the design and installation of audio equipmentdeciding to install the Ecler devices in this project.

ecler installation restaurant

There are many precautions to follow when installing audio equipment, especially in hotels. The difference between zones (indoor and outdoor)amplification systems, customisation and accessibility of software for the sound managementThe hotel's sophisticated and avant-garde design, long-term reliability, the integration of emergency messages for sound evacuation, etc. All these requirements are always respected.

audio broadcasting in hotels

The products used for audio in the hotel


La matrix MIMO88 was chosen to distribute the audio signal through different zones together with the DAM614 digital mixer. There are approximately 15 impedance amplifiers distributed throughout the hotel structure. Part of this group of amplifiers send the audio signals into the impedance lines for the ceiling loudspeakers IC6CLASS-TR. A second set of amplifiers sends the amplified audio signal to the ARQIS and AUDEO speakers located in the restaurant and terrace area. In combination with the ARQISSB15 subwoofers, the system is able to provide the room with excellent sound quality.

The entire installation was managed through the touch screens of the WPmSCREEN series with a customised control system created using Ecler's audio management software: EclerNetManager.

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