Irbema at Safety Expo 2019

For us, safety at work is the most important thing

2018 in Italy was really a heavy year for occupational safety. They were 1133 fatal accident reports in the workplace, 104 more than were reported in 2017.

"An increase of 10.1% that cannot be said to be worthy of a country that calls itself civilised. The lack of technical verifications for the safety of workers, the lack of inspections and controls in the workplace and the lack of collective and individual measures aimed at increase preventionare generating a serious situation. We can no longer remain indifferent,' says Franco Bettoni, national president of ANMIL (Associazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi sul Lavoro).

We decided to take the field and give our contribution to make all workplaces safer.

At Safety Expo 2019 we will present the range of most advanced devices on the marketto protect even those working alone.

We will also bring with us the 4EVAC sound evacuation systema revolutionary, simple and powerful system capable of providing early warning in contexts with large crowds.


We want to bring our experience gained in the field every day for more than 30 years to protect all workers who find themselves working in unsafe environments.

It will be a long and not easy job. We are at your side in this tough battle, for the safety and well-being of all.

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