How to maintain spacing in the office with QSC solutions
maintaining distance in the office

The Covid-19 emergency has rapidly changed many of our habits also in the working world. Systems intended for use by more than one person certainly represent a major source of risk for infection, which is why companies need to effective solutions to keep the distance even in the office. Which ones are the best?

Touchless meeting rooms with QSC

The software platform Q-SYSdesigned to manage several hardware systems at the same time, is one of the most popular solutions of QSC. Precisely for this reason, the Californian company decided to develop a new management method for Q-SYS designed to make working environments safer.

How does it work?

A simple QR code allows multiple users to control an entire room without having to touch any other device to access the control interface (UCI). The user simply frames the QR code with the camera of your smartphone to instantly control all the devices connected to the system. The advantages of such a method are obvious, but Q-SYS provides other useful solutions for maintaining distance in the office:

  • Activate customised messages at the beginning of each meeting for social distancing
  • Set safety timers before each meeting to avoid prolonged exposure
  • Send an audio reminder to the meeting participants to clean their stations at the end of each meeting
  • Use the room sensors to reactivate the touch screen from which the QR code can be framed without touching it.

Protecting the safety of workers is crucial, especially in this emergency situation. However, it is also important to think about what will happen in the future with video conferencing and remote meetings becoming increasingly frequent. This is why QSC products are designed to optimise and facilitate the integration of audio and video systems, while maintaining high quality standards. Q-SYS offers endless possibilities for customisation and there are already numerous the companies that chose it. Want to know more? Click here


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