A complete guide on nurse call

What are the solutions to improve efficiency e security within healthcare facilities? Is it possible to improve human resources management while reducing costs? What are the technologies on the market?

In this guide published together with the magazine Tecniche Ospedaliere, we want to do the point on nurse call systemsthe advantages for managers, healthcare professionals and IT technicians.

A further insight is made into systems such as the passage control (to prevent the removal of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease) or personal alarm systems (in case of aggression by violent patients) or messaging and voice communication systems within facilities such as nursing homes or hospitals.

The guide illustrates a case study on the installation within a cardiology centre of excellence in Lombardy, which chose to use an advanced nurse call system and was able to appreciate its advantages even in the short term.

Indeed, working with an advanced nurse call system not only allows better management, health and quality of life of the patients in the facility, but also enables greater safety on the part of the staff working there.

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Nurse call systems allow perform and manage workflow better of health personnel, but in what way? In this guide, we will discuss the full potential of nurse call systems with IP technology: from managing alarms generated by patient headcounts, to the intervention of healthcare personnel within a hospital to anti-assault devices within emergency rooms for the protection of nurses.

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