Man down, dead man devices

Twig man-down and dead man's devices protect the isolated worker by transmitting manual and automatic personal alarms.

The man down/man down/dead man Twig devices are designed for all categories of workers at risk (isolated workers, security, heavy industry) and for anyone needing a personal safety (elderly, women, health personnel).

The only ones with WiFi data and VoIP to operate even in the absence of mobile radio coverage.

Man-down devices for isolated Twig workers

Looking for telephones and pagers with man-down function? Discover DECT, Radio and VoWifi man-down devices

CE, RED, DINO825, BS8484, RoHS, REACH, WEE, H&S, ILO, MTBF 30.8 years
SOS CardNeo
SOS panic button
Mandown++ (man-down, non-movement, violent fall and impact alarm)
GNSS outdoor geolocation (48-channel receiver GPS, Glonass and Galileo)
2G/3G/4G connectivity
WiFi connectivity (data and VoIP calls)
Wireless communication with radio beacons, BLE and WiFi A.P. for indoor localisation
Receiving WHO messages
IP 67 dust-waterproof and shock-resistant
ALS (Acoustic Location Signal)
Amber Alert (condition time function)N/A
Incoming and outgoing hands-free calls
Enhanced speaker and vibrationN/AN/AN/A
EX certification (Atex)N/AN/AN/A
User menu for advanced functionalityN/AN/A

Regulation on man-grounding devices for isolated workers

The man-down and dead man Twig devices represent excellence to protect people, ensuring organisations' compliance with the current health and safety regulations for isolated workers (Art. 45 T.U. 81/08), and allowing a real and significant reduction in risk.

The devices are designed and manufactured in Europe (Finland), certified IP67 dust-waterproof and shock-resistantand equipped with an SOS button and an advanced Mandown++ system (man-down, non-movement, violent fall and impact alarm).

The devices transmit the alarm to a list of predefined recipients via SMS and telephone calls (also hands-free). Fully e easily configurableThey do not require subscription services and operate with a simple telephone SIM card from their preferred provider.

  • Proprietary mandown system and firmware resident application.
  • Possibility of external geolocation (GPS) and indoors (wireless beacons, also in ATEX classified environments).

IrTrack Software

Localisation of man-down devices

man-down alarm softwareMan-down devices are designed for all categories of workers at risk (isolated workers, security, heavy industry) and for anyone who needs a personal safety device (elderly people, women, health personnel).

The devices send an alarm signal via the GSM network (they operate with a simple SIM card) and are 'stand alone', i.e. they do not require their own infrastructure.

In this way, the alarm reaches other parties who can view the alarm on their own devices and intervene.

The device is capable of interfacing with several different indoor localisation devices.

Beacon ownersBattery-powered beacons that radio their identity and status to Twig devices.

Bluetooth BeaconBattery-powered beacons (also third-party) that transmit their identity to Twig devices via Bluetooth

Wi-Fi Access Point: Wireless equipment already present in the building, capable of transmitting its identity to Twig devices via Wi-Fi



In stand-by condition, the Twig device, when passing close to the field of action of a Beacon/Access PointIt records the latter's unique code and, in the event of an alarm, transmits it to the software, which is able to translate the code into a specific position on the indoor map.

The device's on-board sensors enable it to detect its position at configurable intervals with very high precision.

The Twig device uses the GNSS which, thanks to 48-channel reception, operates with GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO constellations.


When an alarm is generated by a man-down device, it transmits it via the GSM network, together with the last recorded location. The location can be displayed through a platformwhich allows the origin of the alarm to be identified on a map, making the intervention of the rescuers as fast and precise as possible.

The Platform IrTrack of Irbema allows the localisation of operators by displaying them on Google Maps. Location tracking is automatic and is constantly recorded by the device with a configurable periodicity.

The device can be customised to transmit the position when events occur, such as man-down, no-motion, impact and fall alarms.

The software is the ideal tool for all those realities that use several Twig devices to display all alarms on a single terminal, in order to supervise their use.


Radio beacons and flashing beacons communicate with Twig man-down devices

Twig man-down systems are also capable of communicating with radio beacons and flashing lights, ideal for signalling any alarms in large or noisy environments.

Our signalling kits are available for both indoor and outdoor use (with certification IP67), they are already configured and ready to use, they work thanks to the GSM with card SIM and are all equipped with buffer battery for operation in the event of mains power failure, so as to ensure the continuity of the operation of the system.

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