PMR446 and PMR radio equipment

We market radio equipment from industry-leading brands that apply rigorous standards of innovation, quality and excellence to their professional radio communication equipment, so that users can communicate safely. Designed without compromise, the equipment offers a winning combination of quality and value.


Professional radio equipment for every application

From entry level to sophisticated top variants, the radio range is uncompromisingly built to deliver loud and crisp sound with the latest noise reduction technology.

Thanks to their professional-grade construction, the radios are designed to withstand the harshest environments, are IP68, MIL-STD certified, and also available in an Atex version.

Radio equipment without PMR446 licence

The apparatus PMR446 (Personal Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) are licence-free portable radio devices operating in the UHF band (446-446.2MHz).

They are two-way radios intended for collective use in the private sector and should not be confused with PMR (Professional Mobile Radio or Private Mobile Radio) systems, so-called civil radio systems that instead use private VHF or UHF frequencies issued by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) to law enforcement agencies, public bodies and companies.

The law stipulates that the PMR446 must have an integrated and immovable antenna, cannot communicate via radio links/repeaters of any kind, and deliver a maximum power of 500 mW.
The maximum connection distance at street level (H = 1.50 m) is approximately 5 km in the absence of obstacles.
Moving upwards and always in the absence of obstacles, optical coverage can increase considerably to distances of up to tens of kilometres with good signal quality.

I PMR446 are available in both analogue and digital variants, allowing the latter for confidential communication and ambient noise reduction to ensure clear communication even in noisy environments.
There are 16 channels for analogue and 32 channels for digital signals.

Without licence

With PMR466 equipment, it is possible to communicate freely without additional costs on reserved frequencies

Versatile communications

Individual, group and broadcast calling available in analogue and digital modes

Voice quality

Advanced ambient noise reduction technology to ensure clear, quality communication at all times


Equipment designed and built for the most extreme uses with IP68 dust and water protection


Licensed PMR radio equipment

The apparatus PMR (Professional Mobile Radio or Private Mobile Radio) are portable radios which allow the performance of communication activities for private use; do not fall under the general authorisation regime and therefore require a specific licence issued by the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development).

This is radio equipment that has the technical characteristics and uses the frequency bands defined by the national frequency allocation plan. The specific band and frequency is allocated by the Ministry following the submission of a specific application. An annual fee is charged for the supervision and maintenance of the licence.

The radio equipment can deliver higher power than PMR446, and communicate via radio links/repeaters; they therefore allow a greater connection distance between operators and/or between a headquarters and operators in the field, and ensure that any communication is transmitted quickly and securely.