Sound diffusion

Over the years, we have been able to satisfy the most demanding customers by working all over Italy with the best loudspeaker brands such as Sennheiser, QSC, K-ARRAY and Ecler.


A brand with almost 50 years of existence, QSC has always been able to innovate e creating cutting-edge solutions.

QSC implants, for example, are based on a compact and modular structureand dialogue between the devices takes place via a network cable (IP connectivity)

Specialising in amplification, acoustic loudspeakers, digital signal processing (DSP) and digital mixing, QSC is able to design and implement solutions of professional sound systems (amplifiers, digital mixers, speakers, subwoofers, ...) of excellent quality.

QSC's experience in the audio sector, combined with Irbema's design know-how, allows us to create interconnected, durable and high-performance audio systems for any requirement.


K-array is an Italian manufacturer of professional loudspeakers that has gained international attention in recent years for the quality and uniqueness of its products.

The main feature of the K-array is the unique technology used, which makes it possible to obtain particularly light and compact but capable of returning very high sound pressures with a high quality.

By means of an application, it is possible to size amplification systems according to the characteristics of the location (classroom, club, place of worship, meeting room, shop, restaurant, etc.) and the dimensions in square metres.

K-Array: audio speakers installed in ceiling beams


Ecler is a Spanish company aimed at the professional audio sectorwhich has been in the market for years, offering installation equipment such as mixers, microphones, multi-channel amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc.

Ecler brand products are designed to last, maintain their serviceability and function for many years. Despite this, the equipment is characterised by a highly competitive price.

Sound diffusion in catering

In restaurants, bars, pubs, we have become accustomed to hearing background music accompanying us throughout our stay in the establishment. This is not a trivial detail: several studies claim that consumers are influenced in their purchasing decisions by numerous factors far removed from the tangible product or service offered (University of Hamburg, 2016)

Factors such as music speed, BPM, music genre and sound quality affect customer orders and spending.

Higher quality

Music increases the dwell time in the venue if it can involve us emotionally. A 1998 study, for example, states that cafeteria customers were inclined to spend more in the presence of classical music. The explanation? Customers associated a selection of classical music with a higher value of the product and service offered.

Consequently, it is important to have a high-quality sound system.

What are the advantages of installing a professional sound system?

A professional system is able to spread the sound more evenly throughout the room, thus increasing the overall sound quality even at low volumes.
A multi-zone system makes it possible to manage different sources and volumes depending on the zone of the building (inside or outside, for example)
Professional sound systems are also capable of supporting live music if required, providing sound reinforcement through a PA system
But there are also regulations that oblige catering establishments to install a public address system.

In the case of rooms with a commercial surface area of 400 square metres or more, it is mandatory to install a sound evacuation system, using an EN-54 certified public address system.

Discreet and design audio systems

In addition to complying with regulations and good sound quality, at the same time the systems must fit well into the environment without damaging the interior design. The design of a public address system must also be able to respect the customer's wishes from an aesthetic point of view, finding the right compromise between sound quality and design.

We design professional sound systems

Just as the choice of music is important, the quality of the sound system also plays an important role.
Designing a customised solution for a restaurant, following the regulations in force, but always with an eye on the aesthetics of the product, is an important task to perform in order to contribute to the success of the business.

Irbema proposes complete and ad hoc solutions for every catering-related environment: from the design of the sound system to the support of the architecture and final design, to achieve the best possible visual and acoustic impact.

Canter 1920 (Milan)
The power of the amplifiers and the sound pressure of the loudspeakers has been calculated to ensure that the sound distribution is homogeneous and as reverberation-free as possible, both at low volumes (background music) and at sustained volumes.
Nürburgring VIP Lounge (Nürburg)
For the more exclusive Lounge area, the choice of audio management fell on the 2VSP-RS arrays, for smarter and more efficient management. The installation is completed by IC8PLUS flush-mounted loudspeakers
GARUM (Perth)
The complete refurbishment of this prestigious restaurant gave the owners the opportunity to redesign a discreet but high quality sound system in every room of the building, both inside and outside.
Toscanino Bistrò (Milan)
The property decided to use small but powerful loudspeakers, to conceal the source of the sound but at the same time spread high-quality sound throughout the room.
Dam Shisha Lounge (Hengelo)
A complex project that required a sound system for the normal restaurant business during the week, but also a system at the height of a disco for the weekends, with a dedicated DJ station. The project was a perfect success thanks to the modern, high-performance loudspeakers from Ecler's ARQIS series.
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They adopted public address systems

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