Ascom DECT Radio and VoWifi man-down devices

Ascom wireless man-down devices are designed to operate on a dedicated local network (Wi-Fi, radio and IP DECT), thus making them independent of any malfunctions and influences from the external telephone network.

The devices protect the individual by transmitting manual and automatic alarms.

They are designed for isolated workers as well as for all situations where early warning communication is needed.

Ascom's wireless man-down devices are characterised by solidity construction and high reliabilityThis has led them to be recognised and established all over the world.

The different sizes and features of man-down wireless devices make the Ascom range complete e adaptable to any structure, of any size: from small companies to large hospitals.

  • Independence from the external telephone network
  • Wireless system
  • Reliable and timely alarm communication
  • Manual and automatic alarm with equipment localisation
  • Scalable and flexible system
  • Durable and certified devices
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Ascom cordless telephones with man-down function

Ascom i63 VoWifi Cordless

Ascom i63, IP44 certifiedis an easy-to-carry, robust and drop-resistant VoWiFi cordless phone.
In addition to excellent telephony, its advanced messaging capabilities make Ascom i63 ideal for team collaboration.

Designed to use open communication standardssuch as IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac for wireless transmissions and SIP/H.323 for VoIP telephony, the Ascom i63 also supports 802.11i and 802.11w, ensuring a high level of security without compromising voice quality and network performance.

Different models with licensed functionality are available: from a robust receiver with telephony only (Talker) to one that also supports professional messaging (Messenger), up to an advanced model that includes localisation, manual alarm, man down and no movement (Protector).

Cordless Dect Ascom d83 and d83 Atex

The Ascom d83 is the new generation Dect cordless phone that is IP67 certified to withstand drops, water and chemicals.

Reliability and robustness characterise the device, which in the Protector version combines high quality telephony with advanced messaging and personal alarm functions (manual button, pull alarm, man down, no movement).

Also available in Atex version, il cordless d83 consente la localizzazione (IR, LF, Dect e BLE) quando si attiva l’allarme, garantendo elevati standard di sicurezza in casi di emergenza.

The large 2.4″ TFT colour display and long battery life make it ideal for all professional environments, from healthcare facilities to large industrial environments.

Man-down alarm pagers and transmitters

Ascom a51 alarm transmitter

A smart, pocket-sized and durable alarm transmitter designed for maximum personal safety.

The Ascom a51 has two programmable alarm buttons, each of which can be configured for a variety of responses.

For added security, it also has a pull cord that activates an alarm if triggered.

Ascom a51 is also available in a "Advanced"which adds 'man-down' and 'no-movement' functions, device localisation via infrared (IR) or low frequency (LF) beacons.

Ascom a71 pager

The Ascom a71 is a ruggedised, easy-to-use two-way messaging pager with infrared (IR) and low-frequency (LF) localisation technology, as well as manual and pull personal alarm functionality.

Equipped with 'man-down' or 'no-motion' detection sensors, the a71 pager can activate a distress call if the user is unable to do so.

The device also has an emergency pull that triggers a distress call if the receiver is snatched from the person wearing it.

Ascom a71 is also available in Ex versionintended for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX).

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