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Man-down devices Twig

Twig man-down devices for the protection of isolated workers

When an isolated worker finds himself in difficulty, it is important that he is equipped with devices that can quickly and effectively communicate the emergency in progress. For this Irbema relies only on internationally recognised quality partners. These include man-down devices Twig designed to ensure that companies comply with current regulations on the health and safety of isolated workers (Art. 45 T.U. 81/08).

Twig man-down devices are pdesigned to protect all categories of workers at risk (lone workers, security, heavy industry) and for anyone in need of a personal safety (elderly, women, health personnel) by means of manual and automatic alarms.

Certainly among the most popular solutions in this field are the Twig Embody e Twig Protector. In view of the great demand for these products, Irbema has produced two videos designed to highlight their many features and to support users during their first use.

Twig Embody

Twig Embody is a man-down device of personal alarmism 3G*/GSM/GNSS* wearable designed to meet the different safety needs of isolated workers (ManDow++, IP67, Amber Alert, 48-channel localisation, and many other features)

Practicality and ease of use make Embody a product that is always ready to use and suitable for anyone.

Twig Protector

Twig Protector is a comprehensive 3G*/GSM/GNSS* personal alarm device designed for isolated workers and anyone in need of protection. Equipped with the same functionality as the Twig Embody it also has four programmable keys for the speed dial.

Both devices transmit the alarm to a list of predefined recipients via SMS and phone calls (also hands-free), and

  • They are completely and easily configurable
  • They do not require subscription services and operate with a simple phone SIM card from your preferred provider
  • They are equipped with smandown system proprietary and firmware-resident application
  • Possibility of external (GPS) and internal geolocation (wireless beacons, even in ATEX classified environments) or via software for alarm management and localisation.

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