Man-down devices: the secrets to worker safety

What is the best recipe for the safety of isolated workers?

The training and security experts at Italian Safety Distribution Srl have no doubts. An adequate training e the best man-down devices on the market are the right ingredients to ensure safety at work.

The experts' opinion

When it comes to security, it is essential to turn only to recognised professionals, and this is precisely why ISD's advice becomes even more valuable. The company is in fact committed to distributing the best brands of IPR followed by world-class training that guarantee an important added value for the customer. The new premises in Vertemate con Minoprio, in the province of Como, is a facility entirely dedicated to training, and the 600 square metre area, where technicians and experts are always at the customer's service, is further confirmation of ISD's experience and professionalism.

Man-down devices most wanted by HSE and RSPPs

Large industrial environments, areas Atex, small businesses; no matter the context, knowing how to behave in emergency situations makes all the difference.

TWIG One Ex is the ATEX version of the best device for insulated workers. Click on the photo to find out more.

The man-down devices of the Finnish brand TWIG are a guarantee to protect the isolated workers and are specially designed to recognise these situations. In particular, they enable immediate alerting of help by sending automatic or voluntary alarms in the event of violent falls and impacts, sickness, non-movement and aggression.

The real secret of TWIG systems?

Comfort and reliability. Workers do not want to be restricted or disturbed in their daily activities and for this they need devices very light, which do not generate false alarms and with a long battery life. Characteristics that almost make you forget you are wearing it.

Another important issue for workers is the respect for privacythat is why it is only when the alarm is signalled that the precise both indoor and outdoor location. The high level of precision guarantees the highest safety standards thanks to the new module SRD3capable of interacting with Twig SRD beacons, BLE beacons and Wi-Fi access points. In addition, the Ir-Track software developed by Irbema allows the display of the exact location where the alarm was generated directly via desktop or smartphone.




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