ATEX devices to protect workers

When an isolated worker finds himself in difficulty in an explosive environment, it is important that he is equipped with devices capable of quickly and effectively communicating the emergency in progress. In such cases, the law requires the use of ATEX devices to protecting workers. This is why Irbema only relies on quality, internationally recognised partners such as Twig and Ascomwhich is able to ensure that companies comply with current health and safety regulations. isolated workers (Art. 45 T.U. 81/08).

What are the best ATEX products for hazardous environments? 


Engineered and manufactured entirely in Finland, TWIG devices have always been recognised for their reliability and safety in every working environment.

Among the ATEX devices to protect workers, certainly Twig One Ex is one of the most advanced on the market today. This GSM man-down device was developed to protect workers isolated in explosive environments using GSM technology. The device features advanced man-down alarms: mandown, non-movement, fall and violent impact. The device is also very easy and straightforward to use, thanks to the SOS button and automatic sensors that allow one-touch calls or the sending of up to 10 SMS to preset numbers.

2G/3G/4G connectivity allows the device to be used both indoors and outdoors with a very high degree of accuracy in alarm and position transmission. In addition to this, the SRD3 module combines the signal of BLE beacons, TWIG SRD beacons and Wi-Fi access points to ensure the highest accuracy in position detection inside buildings.

Easy to transport Thanks to the integrated clip and its light weight (89.5 grams), the Twig man-down device can also be used with work gloves. The design has been made with every possible working condition in mind, even the most difficult. In fact, Twig One Ex is certified for use in Zone 1 and 2 with ATEX explosion risk, as well as being waterproof as certified by the IP67 certification. The shock resistance and power of its loudspeakers designed to be used even in the noisiest environments complete a top-quality product developed by the Finnish brand.

Ascom d81 Ex

Swedish brand Ascom's products are among the safest and best performing on the corporate communications market

The Atex version of the Ascom d81 DECT receiver is a reliable and robust product designed for professional users and perfect for protecting workers. IP65 certifiedThe model is available in a Messenger version and a Protector version; the latter is equipped with personal alarm, man down, no movement, pull-cord and localisation features to ensure maximum security for isolated workers. The dual functionality allows the user to make a call and send an alarm at the same time. In this way, the person sending the alarm can be located with high accuracy and messages can be automatically sent to the nearest receivers.

The d81 withstands rain, humidity and dustIn addition, in the event of a fall, the device is protected by its robust rubber casing. The robust design combined with a high level of functionality and safety make it the natural choice for users who demand the highest quality even in the harshest environments, such as industrial plants, factories and construction sites.

Ascom d81 Atex withstands both cold and heat and is adjustable to reduce the risk of radio emissions interfering with sensitive equipment. The versatility of this device is combined with excellent volume and voice quality, fundamental elements for proper communication even in the most emergency situations.

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