Communication systems for COVID-19 areas

With the risk of a second wave and the arrival of the autumn flu, healthcare facilities throughout Italy are gearing up to set up patient isolation areas for COVID-19 in no time. The areas in question are not designed and intended to be used like normal rooms equipped with nurse call systems, but will have to allow communication or send alarms in case of need outside them quickly. They will also have to guarantee the least possible access of medical personnel inside them, to avoid the spread of infection.

The areas should be monitored and in close contact, keeping the distance between the guests and the health workers.
How can a healthcare facility be equipped in a short time to accommodate patients in COVID areas?


Solution 1: wireless nurse call

The first solution for setting up COVID areas in a short time consists of a completely wireless system where medical personnel are equipped with a receiver (TREX mobile device from Neat) that is able to receive on its display alarms generated by call modules, perelles or wristbands supplied to patients in isolation.

In this way, medical personnel can stay outside COVID areas and be able to intervene in a targeted manner, as they will be able to see on their device where the alarm was generated.

In this way, the system is able to limit the doctors' stay outside COVID areas, providing them with greater security regarding the danger of becoming infected by being in contact with patients.

Solution 2: wireless voice communication

By means of a pre-programmed kit consisting of a COBS TALK II transmitter and any cordless receiver already present in the hospital, it is possible for each individual patient to communicate with caregivers or talk to their family members. The great advantage of this system is its scalability and guaranteed mobility for the caregivers, who can receive calls directly on their cordless device. The patient therefore remains within the COVID area, but the caregiver can move around freely within the facility and can intervene quickly and purposefully if a call for help is received.


The COBS TALK II device is worn as a pendant around the patient's neck: comfortable and light (just 35 grams), the device has a loudspeaker and microphone inside for talking hands-free with medical staff at the touch of a button. The device is also IP56-certified, so that it can always be sanitised and quickly reused to give to other patients in COVID areas.


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