Wireless visual and audible signalling system | Gorla Maggiore (VA)


S.P., a plastics manufacturer located in the province of Varese, was looking for a wireless systemcapable of activating an audio alarm (emergency sirens), of easy installation and integrate with other equipment in the facility.


The solution identified by Irbema consists of two devices: the TREX and an alarm call module, via a WALL button.

By pressing the red button on the WALL module, a signal is transmitted to an IOR radio receiver, which adjusts the contacts and activates the sirens to transmit an alarm signal.

The signal is also transmitted to a TREX mobile device, on whose screen it will be written where the alarm was triggered, so that timely action can be taken.

La ease of installation (due to the absence of cables) and use make the system state-of-the-art and safe, despite its simplicity.

The installation at this major international supplier of plastic compounds represents a turning point in the design of systems Neat. If the latter were in fact designed to be installed in healthcare-related facilities (RSAs, nursing homes, hospitals,...) this project shows how Neat brand systems can easily be adapted to any context.


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