Backup nurse call system for hospital rooms (Ospedale Civile di Modena)

Initial situation:

Located in the southern part of the city, theCivil Hospital of Modena is a large facility with more than 1100 beds and 3600 employees.

Given the continuous flow of people accessing the facility every day, the hospital cannot afford service interruptions and was therefore looking for backup systems for their wired ward rooms, especially for nurse call systems.

The project:

The choice of the Baggiovara Hospital was a Neat wireless systemwith modules powered by stylus batteries and connected by radio to the TREX mobile receiver. The nurse call modules are equipped with three buttons and a connection jack for the perelle, which can easily be used by patients in bed. The modules are in fact very similar to the wired system already installed, which in the event of maintenance required patients to be moved to other in-patient rooms, causing a great deal of inconvenience.

Installing the modules is very easy; just a few dowels and screws are needed to mount the plastic support plate. The modules are also already configured and do not require any special setting before new use. The transmission range of the wall-mounted module is approximately 30 metres, but should the person in charge of using the TREX receiver need to move away within the structure, simply place a REPO+ signal amplifier (powered by a 220V socket) to transmit the signal up to 250 metres away. Also available to the property are modules with bathroom tie rodThey too can be easily installed on the wall using dowels.

The owner was satisfied with the choice, mainly because of the versatility and ease of installation of the system, which makes it possible to maintain fully functional and safe chamber under maintenance. In doing so, the Baggiovara Hospital has equipped itself with an efficient system to avoid service interruptions, thereby also improving its service to the community.

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