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health worker safety

How to protect health workers from the risk of aggression?

Initial situation: The Psychiatric Diagnostic and Treatment Service (SPDC) is a hospital operational facility part of the Structural Interagency Department of Mental Health of the Biella, Vercelli and VCO ASLs and ensures the short-term in-patient treatment of people experiencing psychopathological decompensation. The SPDC is located within theCastelli' Hospital in Verbania and has 11 ordinary inpatient beds and 1 day hospital bed (diagnostic and therapeutic psychiatric day hospital). The ward team consists of a multi-professional team of operators: psychiatrists, nurses, socio-medical workers and a health professions coordinator.

Problem: Following repeated assaults on staff by some patients, the SPDC saw fit to contact Irbema to identify a solution aimed at protect their operators.

Solution: After careful evaluation and an on-site inspection by one of our consultants, the SPDC decided to adopt a personal alarm system Neat wireless, consisting of 10 wrist transmitters with manual alarm for operators, 2 Trex portable radio receivers and a radio siren for 'energetic' acoustic signalling (also with the aim of interrupting possible aggression on the part of the patient). Each operator therefore has a personal braceletan advantageous choice in terms of hygiene, which at the same time allows an emergency call to be sent by a simple touch.

health worker safety

To ensure signal coverage throughout the department, a Repo+II repeaterall while avoiding ducting and cable-laying works. The system is in fact completely wirelessThis contributes to an easy installation that takes only a few minutes.

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