Sound system for a shop with outdoor area | Giardango (CO)


Giardango sells plants, floral furnishings and green care products in a large greenhouse open to the public.

The property wanted to offer visitors moments of immersion in nature, in a context capable of transmitting great serenity and distraction. Nothing better, therefore, than to accompany the public's experience with musical notes diffused with excellent quality both inside the greenhouse and in the outdoor spaces it overlooks, often the scene of courses and events to complete the experience of the visit.


The series AUDEO 106, flanked by the HZA4-120F amplifier, was chosen to achieve the goal, both for the sound quality it could guarantee and for the aesthetic appearance that blended well with the surroundings.

"We are very satisfied with the installation: our customers are appreciating the dissemination of music also inside the greenhouse and in the nursery paths. This system added experiential content to the overall atmosphere we aimed to create, and also earned the full appreciation of our team. The pleasure of spending time inside a place also passes through not insignificant details like this".

- Antonio Becherucci, co-founder and president of Giardango

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