Ad hoc sound system | Basilica San Giovanni Dei Fiorentini


Located a stone's throw from the Vatican, the Roman basilica San Giovanni Dei Fiorentini, completed in the 18th century, is an important architectural expression of post-Renaissance Roman Baroque.


Structured on three naves with a Latin cross plan, the church's acoustics are complicated by the presence of a clear separation between the areas of the church, which makes uniform sound diffusion very complicated.

In addition, the clarity of soundas well as speech intelligibility are compromised by reflections from the domed ceiling and reverberations caused by the marble and concrete surfaces covering the basilica.

Solution: K-array sound diffusion

The choice for this project fell on K-array which supplied all the audio equipment. Four audio speakers KK102 were arranged in the nave while three KK52 were placed on the side aisles.

The systems were chosen not only for their white colour and slim design (which blends perfectly into the context of the church), but also for their crystal-clear sound quality, which guarantees a uniform SPL over the entire listening area.

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