Axitea chooses Twig for its Security Operation Centre

Axitea is a Global Security Provider for Physical Security and Cyber Security. Since 1914 the company is a benchmark for the industry, guaranteeing the highest safety standards for international brands such as AC Milan e LUBE Industries. To offer and manage their own security services, Axitea has a Security Operation Centre (SOC) active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and certified to handle alarms of all kinds from various control systems, sensors and IoT devices.

Pictured is Axitea's Security Operation Centre, active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ayuto, Axitea's personal security service

Axitea was looking for a pocket system e perfectly integrable with its Security Operation Centre to launch Ayutoadvanced and professional service for distress calls. The need was to responding effectively to feelings of insecurity latent but constant of:

  • employees working night shifts
  • workers in remote locations
  • staff working under special conditions of travel or relocation
  • users with the need to protect themselves in case of aggression or danger

Multiple needs, one answer: Twig

Twig devices allow Axitea to maximise its service offering "Ayuto", being ideal to meet every need:

  • Anti-aggressionBy pressing the emergency button, the Twig device sends an 'Aggression' alarm alert to Axitea's Security Operation Centre (SOC) with the geographical coordinates (GPS) of the last position detected by the device. Once the alarm is sent, the microphone in the device allows the operator to listen to the environment to recognise any clues related to emergency and/or dangerous situations. Model used: NEO 2G/3G/4G CLIP GNSS
  • Anti-theftBy simply pressing the alarm button on the Twig device, the trader in distress sends a robbery alarm signal to Axitea's SOC, which, after listening to the environment, alerts the police, providing indications for effective intervention. Model used: Neo 2G/3G/4G Clip Basic
  • SOS Lone WorkerThe alarm signal can be generated automatically by the device in the event of a fall due to illness or accident ("Man-down" function). The operator verifies the distress call by means of a hands-free call on the device and, if the event turns out to be real, the SOC contacts the numbers for urgent communications, providing the necessary information so that the rescue operation (ambulances, fire brigade, rescue teams, etc.) can be promptly activated. Models used: Twig Neo and Twig One with or without GNSS
Neo and One models chosen for Axitea's Ayuto system

Integration with the Security Operation Centre and user satisfaction

From the beginning of 2022 are over 400 devices active throughout Italy that communicate directly with Axitea's SOC platform thanks to the integration realised on the basis of the API provided by Irbema.

Users find Twig devices convenient and easy to use. This is because they can always communicate with the operations centre 24 hours a day thanks to the long battery life.

Another important aspect for Axitea was to guarantee all service users maximum efficiency and operation throughout Italy. Operating with the most innovative multi-operator SIM, Twig connects to the mobile operator with the best signal, ensuring the maximum coverage in every situation.

"Axitea always chooses the best technology to offer the best service to its customers. We are very satisfied with the Twig devices because of their high quality and their perfect integration with our systems. Twig devices allow us to provide an excellent service to our customers and to increase the safety of workers and people". Says Giovanni Fiorino, Product Manager at Axitea.

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