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Man-down devices for cold rooms: most suitable solutions, details on problem solving and advantages.

Problem: In the unit in Chioggia (VE), dedicated to the production of ice cream and sorbets, of a modern production company that has been operating in the dairy sector since 1954, high-tech processes typical of the industrial sector are implemented, including the adoption of the cold stores.

Following a careful risk assessment (an operator working alone in a cold room is considered to all intents and purposes an isolated worker) and following the accident that led to the death of a worker inside a cold room at a well-known consortium of fruit growers in Trentino in 2013, the company deemed it appropriate to protect its workers by equipping them with a man-down device for isolated workers.

Solution: In choosing the device, the company had to consider several issues that characterise cells, such as the very low temperature the environment, the poor GSM signal coverage due to the insulation and metal structures present, as well as the adoption by operators of extreme cold gloves typically padded that do not allow precise handling of an electronic device.

Man-down devices Twigper cold stores

The man-down device Twig One for its characteristics of robustness, impermeability (IP67 certification) and shock resistance (IEC 60068-2-31 certification), for 2G/3G/4G connectivity and for the high sensitivity of its receiver. In addition, the chosen device can also operate in extreme temperatures ensuring worker protection even in the harshest environments. The device is also equipped with silicone buttons that offer a better grip even with intrusive work gloves.

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