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Problem: isolated workers in areas without a signal

Edison, a well-known energy company, active in the procurement, production and sale of electricity, was looking for a man-down alarm system to be installed on four dams at height to protect isolated workers in aarea without GSM signal.


With its solution, Irbema was able to provide Edison with a simple but effective system to protect its isolated workers.

On-site workers on the dam are provided with a man-down device Ascom d81 Protector DECTIP65-certified and shock-resistant, able to operate on predetermined radio frequencies, guaranteeing an excellent conversation.

The device Ascom d81 Protector DECT is also equipped with dedicated man-down and no-motion alarm sensors: in particular, these sensors proved crucial when a worker working on the dam fell ill. Falling to the ground, the man-down sensor transmitted the alarm via radio to the DECT cell present on the dam, who, via a switchboard, activated the rescue chain.

The precise and timely operation of the system Ascom made it possible to rescue the endangered worker in time, preventing his death.

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