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Initial situation:

A historic chemical-pharmaceutical company needed a communication system safe and efficient that could signal in broadcast communications to emergency teams.

Given the large size of the industrial plant and the large number of detached buildings to be connected, it was not possible to opt for a solution GSM using a wired system.

In such a context the pager system by Ascom was the most convenient e practice. In fact, all that is needed for this type of system is a very light infrastructure consisting of an antenna and a radio transmitter module that spreads the signal throughout the industrial area. Such a solution is advantageous not only from the point of view logisticsbut also from the point of view economicin fact, an antenna and its module are less expensive than an entire cable infrastructure.



The company's choice was to adopt paging devices for the reports of specific events and emergencies by supplementing them with radios used only by department heads for communicating the emergency to the guardhouse once they arrive on site.

In addition, in such a large chemical industry there could be problems with the reception and quality of voice communication. This is why the company opted for the pager limiting the use of radios to department heads only.

In fact, pagers are simple to use, they have a own structure easily managed without the need for external systems and have the possibility of generate messages in a manner manual e automatic (via Ophelia)

Ophelia is an HTML5 platform that works from concenalarm tracer which through workflows is able to automatically generate and send messages to specific groups chosen through customised rules pre-registered in the software. As soon as an alarm is triggered, Ofelia is able to locate him at a few seconds showing it on a map visible from a PC or smartphone.

Scope and applications:

The company took advantage of the pager functionality a71 of Ascom to manage alarms resulting from the standard maintenance operations (technological and machine), e.g. when raw materials run out. In all these cases, a warning message is sent via Ophelia.

Finally, given the company's obligation to have emergency teams healthcare e firefightingIrbema has designed the system in such a way that all critical situations are reported promptly, enabling the rapid rescue intervention.

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