Nurse call system for the Monzino Cardiology Centre | Milan
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The Monzino Cardiology Centre in Milan is the first institute for hospitalisation and scientific care in Italy with an exclusive cardiovascular vocation, with approximately 220 beds. The structure is highly articulated and includes 5 clinical areas and 27 operating units and services,
with 580 medical and research staff. The Monzino carries out approximately 60.000 specialist examinations and consultations and about 9.000 admissions and is home to the only cardiology emergency room in Italy, with about 12.000 accesses per year.


The large and constant influx of visitors at the facility has necessitated a efficient system e reliable able to respond to the needs of the facility's staff and guests in terms of communication and service.


In order to meet all customer requirements, it was decided to use the Ascom nurse callwhich allows an alarm signal to be transmitted to the terminals IP-DECT provided to healthcare personnel. The nurse call consists of: wall modules, bedside call with push button, pull-outs positioned in the bathrooms and an advanced voice service to redirect the emergency call.


How the Ascom nurse call works

The nurse call signal is transmitted on devices Ascom d62 e Ascom d43 which allow healthcare staff to see the exact source of the alarm on the IPDECT technology display. In addition, by working on wifi modules, the devices provided to staff have perfect reception and allow staff to intervene in a timely manner, thus improving the service offered by the facility to patients.

The distribution of nurse call forms is widespread and allows patients to be in contact with staff at all times, communicating with them vocally. For example, thanks to the speach modules/telecare voice units within the rooms for patients in distress, operating the bathroom tie rodactivate a call to hand-held devices IP-DECT. The call can thus be handled by personnel for prompt action. In conjunction with this action, the alarm is transmitted to the lamp, which signals to the operators in the corridor in red when a call has been made, in yellow when medical assistance is required, and in green when the call has been accepted, staff is on site and is being dealt with.


Man-down functionality for laboratory personnel

The entire management of the nurse call system is over IP, which is a considerable advantage over traditional or older systems. The system can be implemented in the future by interconnecting and supplying wall modules and lamps with POE network cables for alarm transmission and power supply.

All systems are managed by two UCM modulesthe former handles alarms on the corridor managers' handsets in the healthcare area, while the other module manages the 'man-down' functionality of the laboratory staff - equipped with 5 IP-DECT cordless telephones - which works in isolation from other employees also in night hours.

The Monzino's decision to equip itself with two UCM devices was far-sighted: by separating alarm management (1 module for nurse call and 1 module for man-down alarm) there is no risk of overloading the systemThis allows the most efficient transmission of alarms, significantly reducing the risk of transmission errors. The Monzino's focus is therefore not only on its patients, but also on the facility's employees, guaranteeing them the greatest possible safety in the workplace.

The synergy between excellent equipment such as those branded Ascom and Irbema's experience in the world of healthcare made it possible to equip the 'Monzino' with user-friendly devices, able to operate 24/7 and durable over time. Although, in fact, the
and the equipment supplied is more than 15 years old, the system is still fully functional and over time has only required routine and targeted maintenance by Irbema's technical staff.

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