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Located in the province of Turin, Casa Insieme ONLUS is an institute founded in 1999 by a group of volunteers with the aim of creating a hospice centre for patients with advanced illnesses and a day centre for Alzheimer's patients.


In this building, doctors, nurses and volunteers assisted more than 500 people and their families, paying particular attention to their physical and psychological pain and distress.

The association promotes teamworksupporting health workers and volunteers with specific training, attending to the needs of patients and their families, developing the physical, psychological, social, ethical and spiritual aspects of each individual.

Motivated by its vocation for charitable care, the ONLUS Casa Insieme decided to equip itself with a nurse call system to reach four primary objectives:

  • A simple wireless systemefficient and intuitive to replace the old wired system
  • Equipment of high quality to better assist their patients
  • A system for ensuring mobility both health workers and patients
  • A system for recording events in order to improving the work-flow of the medical staff


Solution: wireless nurse call system

To best meet the needs of the non-profit organisation Casa Insieme, Irbema proposed and developed the following wireless configuration:

  • Portable receivers TREX for healthcare personnel, chosen for their small size, long battery life and wide signal coverage.
  • Wall modules with push-buttons and pulls, installed in rooms, bathrooms and common areas
  • Bracelets for patients that allow you to request immediate help, simply by pressing a button
  • A simple alarm management softwarewhich allows you to record the event
  • REPO+ radio repeaters to ensure all signal coverage in the building

The installation took only one day and above all was carried out without disturbing patients, creating discomfort or in any way altering the normal work of the staff in the centre.

This is because the wireless technology of Neat does not require any infrastructure.

Thanks to the efficiency of Neat's nurse call, the non-profit organisation Casa Insieme now has staff on call at all times thanks to extensive signal coverage, freedom of movement for patients and easy reception and management of alarms. This has enabled the centre to optimise its resources, thus facilitating and improving the well-being of patients and health workers.

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