Advanced man-down and indoor tracking system | Venaria Reale (TO)


Located in the province of Turin, Webasto è una realtà multinazionale che opera in 50 paesi, proponendo prodotti innovativi per l’industria automotive.

L’azienda era alla ricerca di un sistema man down for their employees performing their duties along the production line, who were also able to be precisely located and above all timely.


The choice of devices to meet Webasto's requirements fell on Twig Protector PRO and Twig Beacon products.

The man-down device Twig Protector PRO è piccolo e compatto, ma soprattutto è adatto ad operare in prossimità della linea produttiva, solitamente molto rumorosa. Grazie alla vibrazione e agli altoparlanti maggiorati il dispositivo Twig Protector PRO è in grado di superare il rumore di fondo della fabbrica e in questo modo rendere più facile la localizzazione.

But that's not all: as the production where lone workers are employed is spread over a very large area and the organisation involves short shifts even on Saturdays, it was important for the customer to locate the man on the ground indoors safely and precisely even when the company is virtually deserted.

In order to meet this need, it was decided to install 3 devices Twig Beacon which are able to detect and register the presence of another device Twig quando quest’ultimo è all’interno della sua area di azione.

Twig Beacon devices therefore allow, even in areas where GPS signal is absent, to locate the last area where the Twig device was registered when sending the man-down alarm.

By compartmentalising the production area of the factory in this way, it is easier to locate the person in danger, thus reducing the time needed to intervene and rescue the man on the ground.

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