IEO chooses Irbema and the Ascom Telligence intelligent nurse call system

The intelligent nurse call system for the IEO

L'European Institute of Oncology (IEO) is one of Europe's leading cancer centres, internationally recognised for the quality of its clinical services and its innovative capacity. The facility is located in Milan, opened in 1994, and offers its patients over 400 beds, 21 operating theatres e 15 radiotherapy equipment latest generation, as well as a Proton Centre facility, due to open in December 2023. Every year the IEO performs about 15,000 admissions, 50,000 visits outpatient and 9,000 surgeriesIt is also a centre of excellence for training and research. The IEO aims to transfer the results of basic research into new personalised therapies for patients, according to the paradigm of precision medicine.

The large and constant influx of visitors to the facility over the years has made it necessary to efficient and reliable system able to respond to the needs of the staff and guests of the facility, in terms of communication and service. The aim is to be close to the patient in any condition.

An exterior view of the IEO

Ascom Telligence: the ideal solution for patients and healthcare professionals

Irbemawhich has specialised in solutions and services in the ICT market for over 30 years, was able to respond to customer needs with the Ascom Intelligent Nurse Call. The system consists of:

  • wall modules
  • bedside call with button
  • tie-rods placed in bathrooms
  • an advanced telephone answering service to redirect the emergency call to the cordless terminals provided to healthcare personnel.

The nurse call signal, operated by the button on the remote control at the bed equipped with microphoneor from the tie-rods installed in the bathrooms, is transmitted on Ascom cordless devices which allow healthcare personnel to view the exact origin of the alarm and, with the simple answer of the call, can communicate directly with the patient thanks to integrated speakers at the head of the bed.

In conjunction with this action, the alarm is repeated on signal lamps in the corridors, so that they are recognised visually and quickly.

The entrance to the facility opened in 1994

The advantages of the system


The entire management of the intelligent nurse call system is in IP and this represents a considerable advantage over traditional installations or older. The system integrates with emergency lamps, information monitors, nurse desk consoles and hospital software. They can also be extracted efficiency reports in answering the patient call.

The IEO's focus is not only on its patients, but also on the employees of the facility, guaranteeing them the maximum possible safety in the workplaceespecially for the isolated worker. Cordless devices were provided (model D63) that can detect, with, the functionality Man on Earththe employee's fall or immobility, triggering an alarm at the concierge desk, which is always manned, with the exact location where the event occurred.

The choice of the IEO, which considers service continuity and high system reliability to be mandatory, was to implement the entire solution on redundant virtual appliancesThis allows for the most efficient transmission of alarms and significantly reduces the risk of transmission errors.

The synergy between Ascom equipment and Irbema's experience in the world of healthcare have made it possible to equip the IEO with easy to use e durable over time.

Want to know more on the Ascom Telligence intelligent nurse call system? Visit the dedicated page by clicking HERE.

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