EVAC system for a hospital in the Vicenza area

Initial situation:

One of the largest hospitals in the Vicenza area needed to implement a EVAC system for thesound evacuation following an inspection by the fire brigade. The main requirement was to avoid displacement of patients and complex cable routing, problems common to many hospitals.

The solution had to be able to handle more than 400 speakers divided into 48 zones between wards, corridors, operating theatres and rooms with a redundant line compliant with current regulations.

Which solution was chosen?

The model Impact by 4EVAC was the best solution to meet this complex challenge. The Dutch brand system, in fact, fits perfectly into the daily operational life of the hospital. In addition to functioning as a sound evacuation system, Impact allows the sending of voice announcements to facilitate internal communication of personnel, ensuring the optimisation of workflows.


One of the hospital's priorities was to ensure that the installation of the EVAC system would not cause disruption or disturbance to patients. L'advanced architecture of the Impact system made a quick and hassle-free installation possible. I SW6 concentrator modules of 4EVAC were strategically located at critical points in the hospital, avoiding time-consuming opening of ceilings or the running of a huge amount of cables. These modules allow the expansion of the system up to 36 audio zones, unlike other EVAC units that only reach 6.

SW6 concentrator module

The advantages of Irbema's Evac system

This solution has therefore made it possible to minimise inconvenience for staff and patients. However, the benefits of a system like Impact are not limited to this. To name but a few:

  • Costs installation and maintenance bass
  • Ideal for a modular configuration
  • Saving space even on large installations


4EVAC sound evacuation systems are also the only (as required by law) to be equipped with a certified call microphone and general alarmalready integrated in the machine and included in the price. With Impact it is also possible connect other microphones in the networkto increase the ability to communicate the alarm and enable the activation of evacuation procedures from multiple areas.

In conclusion, Impact from 4EVAC proved to be the choice ideal for hospital facilities. Its ability to adapt to the hospital environment, minimising disturbance during installation, fully satisfied the requirements of theVicenza hospital.

Thanks to this innovative solution, the hospital can now ensuring security of users while maintaining high efficiency of daily operations.

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