Sound system for the Salone Dei 500 (Florence)


Built during the Renaissance, the Salon Dei 500 is a landmark for the city of Florence and represents one of the complexes with the highest historical and artistic value.


Currently, the hall hosts government representatives, press conferences, government, corporate and private events. Precisely because of the salon's versatility, the owners requested a sound system fixed, capable of adapting to the most diverse requirements.

The property also requested the lowest possible visual impact and an audio cover to counteract the great reverberation of the hall.

Solution: K-array sound system

The choice fell on Kobra and on Thunderwith two three-metre high columns positioned on the stage, reduce reverberation and effectively cover the entire hall, despite its 50-metre length.

"All parties were very satisfied with the installation and the column arrays are the perfect configuration for this salon. The Kobras fulfil all the requirements to make the installation a success!"

- Daniele Mochi, project consultant

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