Audio and evac system for a shop in the city centre (Milan)

Initial situation:

A supermarket in the historic centre of Milan, operated as a franchise for a large retail multinational, needed to install a background music system in the building and at the same time an EVACin order to comply with the regulations in force.

Following a request to renovate the interior, an inspection by the fire brigade decreed in the CPI (fire prevention certificate) that the property needed a sound evacuation system. Since the shop wanted to reopen as soon as possible, the property needed a system that was easy and quick to install.

The project:

The study of the building's floor plan, a rectangular plan of 850 square metres, made the property opt for a central Compact500 of 4EVAC 600W. Thanks to the control unit, it is possible to broadcast high-quality background music in the building and also, in the event of an emergency or fire sensor activation, to activate the speakers in sound evacuation mode.

The small size of the Compact500 of 4EVAC (80 x 52 x 15) also made it possible to easily position the control unit in a service room. But that's not all. Thanks to mounting by means of a simple bracket, housing the control unit in its dedicated space took only 10 minutes on the part of the installer.

Diffusion and sound evacuation are guaranteed by Ecler's eIC series ceiling speakers. The choice of ceiling speakers is dictated by legislation, according to which only certified speakers can be used for sound evacuation EN-54.

The excellent quality and reliability of Ecler products, coupled with compliance with regulations, has steered the ownership towards 15 ceiling diffusers eIC5154 5".
In this way, music is spread evenly and in high quality throughout the building, creating an excellent atmosphere that has been appreciated by customers. The study of room acoustics in order to improve the overall experience inside the shop is one of the strengths of the building, which is now also equipped with a safe and compliant evacuation system.

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