An invisible sound system for a luxury restaurant | Perth (Australia)
garum restaurant entrance perth

The Westin Hotel is one of the new luxury residenceslocated in the heart of Perth's business district. At the foot of the 5-star hotel is the Garum Restaurantby celebrity chef Guy Rossi.

Within the Westin Hotel complex, there are two distinct areas of the Garum restaurant: the first located on the hotel terrace and the second on an outdoor patio. Both areas needed a solution for the diffusion of background music.


The property's request was as follows: sufficient ±1.5dB SPL variation, IP-certified to withstand all weather conditions and good appearance.
Finally, the presence of flats in front of the entrance façade of the restaurant required an limit to the amount of decibels.


The presence of a beamed ceiling severely restricted the type of speakers the system integrator could install, but fortunately the narrow thickness of the speakers Python-KP52combined with their precise audio broadcasting in the environment made them fit like a glove.

The system integrator decided to use the Python-KP52 in 'EASE Focus' mode, so as to allow them to cover a well-defined area, not an easy task given their difficult positioning due to the architectural limitations of the structure.

Four Python-KP52s were installed at 6 metres high above the hotel terrace in SPOT mode. This precise setting was chosen because it can provide an audio dispersion amplitude of just 10°, so that cover an area of 20 metres with a variation of ±1.5db.

For the outdoor patio area, two Python-KP52 loudspeakers were installed under the canopyensuring coverage of the area in front.


audio speakers installed ceiling beams

"Once we were aware of all the requirements of the structure - a precise sound range, the IP rating, the shape and size of the device to be inserted into the beam housing - the Python-KP52 was practically the only solution available, not to mention the excellent sound quality.

The first time we tried them we immediately realised that they were much more than just speakers capable of playing background music."

Aaron Mitchell - Engineer, Stokes Technologies

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