An anti estrangement system for Alzheimer's patients - Casa Don Guanella, Sumirago (VA)


The 'Casa Don Guanella' retirement home in Sumirago (VA) was looking for an anti-removal system for Alzheimer's patients for the perimeter of their facility. The building, which houses patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, was concerned about their possible removal from the nursing home through two easily accessible gates (an automatic gate and a back door).

The idea of the owners was to protect their patients with a system that could protect them without scaring them in any way. Hence the idea of equipping themselves with a system that was silent and passive, but at the same time safe and reliable.

Finally, the structure wanted to equip itself with a anti-removal system for Alzheimer's patients quickly.


The solution identified by Irbema to meet the property's requirements consists of a wireless module D-POS installed in the vicinity of the gates, by bracelets or anklets UDAT (non-removable), some portable receivers TREX and repeaters REPO+ of the Spanish brand Neat.

The D-POS system is able to identify the approach of a UDAT wristband or anklet provided to patients in the facility and disable access to these gates, even by pressing the buttons to open the automatic gate or service door.

In this way, the patient who will approach wearing the device UDATIt will completely inhibit his access to areas where he should not enter and to all gates that may allow him to escape from the facility. At the same time, when the patient approaches the gate, the system D-POS will silently send a message to the mobile device TREXradio, supplied to the facility's staff. Within the message sent to the hand-held device TREX, the gate where the alarm was triggered will be indicated. Reception of the alarm signal is ensured by the device REPO+ which is able to provide radio coverage even over large structures.

Once the silent alarm is activated, the guest of the facility will not be allowed to go beyond the gateway and staff will be alertedso as to intervene promptly and go to the gate indicated by the alarm.

Thanks to the easily installed and the configurability of systems before installation, with this solution completely wireless, the facility was able to equip itself with a safe and effective anti estrangement system for Alzheimer's patients in less than half a day.


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