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Located on the shores of one of Italy's most beautiful lakes, a hotel belonging to a global hotel chain was looking for a sound and video system for its conference roomswhich was able to guarantee a excellent audio quality and could faithfully reproduce presentations on mobile screens.

The five rooms, of different sizes and located in different areas of the hotel complex, had to be equipped with a system capable of reproducing quality sound and with a sound system that could be adapted to different room configurations.


In the hospitality world, there are many factors that make people choose one audio and video system over another.

Firstly, the quality of the sound, which must be heard equally from any position in the room, and secondly, the flexibility of the system, which must be able to adapt to different room sizes, conformations and characteristics.


To equip rooms with a system capable of reproducing high-fidelity audio, the choice fell on products from some of the world's highest quality and most reliable brands: Sennheiser, QSC e K-Array.

Sennheiser: the German brand was chosen for the 'swan' microphone on the lectern in the upstairs room, for the hand-held radio microphones and for the fixed receivers, positioned in the service rooms and capable of handling the audio from the conference rooms of the individual microphones operating on a preset frequency. 


QSC: For the speakers in the ground-floor rooms, low-profile 4.5" speakers were chosen to be concealed in the ceiling, so as to guarantee exceptional sound quality and at the same time be 'invisible' in order to remain in line with the refined design of the conference rooms.

Another important contribution of QSC to the quality of conference rooms is provided by the Q-SYS system, a software controlled via a convenient touch-screen controller that can manage both audio and video for the entire room. In this way, with a simple controller placed on the tables in the rooms, it becomes easy and intuitive to customise both audio and video settings according to the event in progress.

K-Array: The K-Array brand acoustic array loudspeakers were strategically placed in the four corners of the upper room to ensure uniform sound in all parts of the room despite its large size and an entire glass wall, which necessitated an in-depth study of room acoustics


The client, however, was not only looking for a system to deliver the best possible sound during conferences, but also for a video system that could be integrated into the furnished environment without disrupting the design and was of the highest quality.

This is why Irbema's choice fell on professional projectors Epson of EB serieswhich can guarantee a clear and colour-true view from every vantage point in different rooms thanks to bulbs with a high lumen count (up to 6,000 lm).

One of the biggest challenges, however, remained integrating equipment of a certain size into the rooms so that it would still be functional and easily accessible during conferences.

Two devices in particular were used. In the ground floor rooms, the projector was placed on a self-propelled trolley. In this way the system is easily positioned depending on the chosen configuration of the room (by means of a self-propelled wall system, the room can double in size to accommodate a larger number of guests).

In the upstairs room, on the other hand, the choice was made to position the projector hidden between the sound-absorbing structure of the ceiling, thus respecting the design of the room and at the same time guaranteeing an excellent level of projection.

This arrangement proved to be effective although, as with the previous room, a long window across the side of the room due to the high natural lighting made projecting quality images no small challenge.

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