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Located in the municipality of Dorno, 20 km from Pavia, the Casa di Riposo San Giuseppe, which provides services to elderly people who are no longer fully self-sufficient turned to Irbema for the replacement of the old nurse call system (wired and obsolete) with a new system wireless nurse callwithout installation and masonry work (ducting and cable laying) that would allow the reception of alarms on the move and that could integrate a system of passage control and guest bed presence (with a total of 92 beds in 54 rooms on three different floors).

Two objectives: on the one hand to save money and reduce masonry costson the other avoid having to move guests from room to room to perform such works.

Solution? Wireless nurse call system

In order to equip the entire facility with a wireless nurse call system, the choice fell on the branded devices Neatwhose wireless modules are well suited to the needs of the St. Joseph's Rest Home.

All 54 rooms were equipped with wall modules with 3 call buttons and wired call buttons.

An additional 68 modules were also installed in the bathrooms: equipped with a call button and pull cord, they are designed to be activated in the event of an emergency.

Guest monitoring

To monitor patients suffering from Alzheimer's in a non-invasive manner, we equipped the facility with 5 bed sensor kit (to detect patient presence or absence) and wrist transmitters with manual alarm. On the main access of the building, a D-POS gate control kit and a ferrite antenna, capable of sending an alarm to the facility staff in the event of a guest crossing.

Thanks to these devices, the facility is now able to monitor its patients without restricting their freedom of movement in any way.

All alarms are received by health personnel on 45 TREX handheld receiversdevices that are small, lightweight and have a long battery life. With these devices, healthcare workers are able to perform their daily tasks and at the same time intervene in the event of an alarm.

One of the main challenges of the project was the complex arrangement of the rooms within the building. The three floors on which the 54 rooms with the 92 beds are spread made it necessary to place wireless signal repeaters to connect the transmitter modules with the mobile receiver devices.

Thanks to the REPO+ wireless modules the radio signal is transmitted evenly and uniformly over all floors of the building, also allowing a PC to monitor and record all events.


The installation of the system made the structure more dynamics; thanks to Neat devices, health workers can now move more freely and can intervene promptly in the event of an alarm.

Finally, by opting for wireless devices, Irbema was able to install the system in a single day without altering in any way the normal course of the structure's activities.


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