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Problem: An important multinational company in the agricultural sectorone of the leading manufacturers of vegetables and counter products for supermarket chains throughout Italy, was looking for a device to provide to its operators who find themselves working alone for a few hours.

Solution: To better protect its employees, the company's choice fell on the man-down devices Twig Embody Mandownalso equipped with the sensor GPS.

Device position detection is based on a advanced systemthat is, thanks to a sensor multi-constellation GNSS (48-channel receiver using GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou satellites) which is able to guarantee an accuracy in the open field of up to a two-metre radius.

When automatic alarms are triggered by sensors or manual alarms, the device sends up to 10 alarms by SMS and calls. In case the Twig is equipped with a GPS sensor, the text message will contain either the coordinates or a link to Google Mapswhich will indicate the last position recorded by the man-down device.

In this way, the location of the alarm signal can be more easily traced, exponentially increasing the possibility for rescuers to intervene promptly.

This feature is in addition to all the other features of the Twig Embody man down device, making it one of the most comprehensive man down devices on the market.
In fact, the device is equipped with:

  • IP67 certified (dust-waterproof and shock-resistant)
  • Long battery life, up to 14 days (on GSM stand-by without GPS periodic recording)
  • Advanced Mandown++ system: man-down, non-movement, violent fall, impact alarm
  • Pre-alarm function to avoid false alarms
  • ALS (Acoustic Location Signal), Auto check-up, configuration via free software
  • No maintenance costs
  • The device does not require calibration and works without any subscription to external services
  • Free firmware and Twig software updates for the life of the device

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