A modern lounge with a captivating sound - Hengelo (Netherlands)

Initial situation:

Situated close to the German border, the city of Hengelo loves its nightlife, especially in the old town, which is home to many clubs and lounge bars. One of these, DAM Shisha Lounge, has become one of the most popular venues, thanks to its modern and attractive style.

Following the move to a new building, the owners were looking for a sound system that matched the venue's reputation and matched the sophisticated room design.

The project:

To give the DAM Shisha Lounge an ultra-modern sound, the acoustic study was entrusted to C&S Audiovisueel.

The choice of sound system covered four separate areas of the building, including an elevated DJ station. All brand products were chosen for the system Ecler.

Behind the bar counter is the eMCONTROL1 panel from where the volume can be adjusted, as well as from a smartphone thanks to the Pilot app.

The eMCONTROL1 sends audio to all four areas of the room, where the eLPA amplifiers are located.

La sound diffusion is complemented by 8 loudspeakers from Ecler's ARQUIS series, positioned according to the acoustic and environmental study and matching the sophisticated design of the venue.

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