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In order to comply with the existing legislationthe company Fra-Ber Srlbased in Antegnate (BG), was looking for a single device to be supplied to employees working alone, who would use it independently, at two different times and in two different contexts.
Therefore, a device with a long battery life, capable of being used throughout the day and able to meet the needs of both employees was required.

And that's not all: given the movements that staff have to make during their working hours and given the large working area, it was necessary to have a device that included GPS tracking.


Given the initial situation, where the device would be used for certain occasions when staff would have to travel independently outside the company, the main issue to be resolved was to adopt a device with a battery that would last all day.

Man down Twig

Irbema's proposal fell on the Twig Protector GPS Mandown, a man-down device advanced to meet all customer requirements.

Twig Protector is equipped with a long battery lifewhich guarantees GSM stand-by use of more than 14 days and which, even with GPS tracking active, is able to reach the end of the day without the need for charging cycles.

The presence of advanced localisation with multi-constellation position tracking system GNSS (48-channel receiver, GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou) ensures that the position is transmitted via SMS with high precision (within a radius of two metres), thus enabling the exact location to be easily found in the event of a fatality.

"We are very pleased that we chose the Twig Protector device because it was able to adapt to the needs of two people who perform two different tasks.
One of the main features is certainly the long battery life, which means that our employees do not have to charge the Twig Protector during working hours, but only at the end of the working day."

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