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Located in the historic city centre of Ystad, the hotel Continental du Sud was looking for a communication system for a hotel, which would enable the hotel staff to perform several tasks with one device.


The choice of structure fell on the solution SMART1 of COBSa device DECT designed to operate in contexts where the needs of the facility are multiple and can vary throughout the day. From phone calls to a messaging system, from barcode scanning to a personal alarm, from indoor localisation to interfacing with other Android systems,...

After a complete renovation of the interior of the four-star hotel, the management decided to focus on a more modern internal communication system and able to replace the existing one, which, however, was not equipped with up-to-date functionality.

"We had no answering service or call-back when the line was no longer busy. This lack of flexibility and speed in communication made the staff less productive. Thanks to the COBS solution we can use these new features and many more". says Martin Jönsson the hotel manager.

Increasing the safety of staff and guests

The solution SMART1 of COBS also includes internal communication and also a personal alarm system. Internally, the system can be used to improve the service offered to guests, communicating between staff in case of help to perform a service or in case of emergency.

As an employer, I am very happy to be able to give my employees a device for their protection. This new system is also connected with the alarms inside the rooms, so the alarms are received by the staff on the device, enabling them to find the guest calling for help and to act quicklysays Martin Jönsson.

The hotel is in classic style and so the management was initially oriented towards a traditional wired style of communication, for customers to communicate with the reception. However, given the enormous functionality offered by a wireless system such as COBS's SMART1, the venue decided to equip its staff with a device capable of performing several functions with a single device. Not only that. Being based on the Android operating system, SMART1 is able to interface via app with the hotel's interconnected systems.

"This system is a hybrid of the classical and the modern and for us it is perfect. We are a hotel with a classic style and we want to maintain this style, but at the same time we want to marry the technologies of the future." - Martin Jönsson

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Easy-to-install Swedish technology

The installation of the system has required only a few days  and was carried out during the low season so as to not to interrupt the natural course of hotel operations. The Hotel Continental du Sud is the first of its kind to install a communication system of this type, and after several months both staff and management are very satisfied with the investment made.

"We are very satisfied with the system, which has already increased the productivity of our staff from the first days, making the service more regular and attentive to the needs of our customers. We are already planning to install COBS systems in another hotel, and we look forward to equipping the second hotel with a state-of-the-art, modern system that improves the performance of our staff's tasks."

Martin Jönsson, Director of the Hotel Continental du Sud

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