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Many provinces in our country are grappling with the arrival of the third wave of the pandemic. The emergency situation calls for easy and ready-to-use solutions. Wireless nurse call systems installable in minutes able to ensure efficient performance, so as to reduce the pressure and workload on hospital and RSA operators.

Neat System Nurse Call: the platform for resident management in healthcare facilities

NEAT, with its wireless nurse call system, enables the management of patients in the room, providing them with care combined with great freedom of movement. The system, thanks to the absence of wiring, activates in a short time, minimising the patient's discomfort in his or her room upon installation. Naturally, the system can be easily scaled up with even significantly different numbers, thanks to the modularity of its components: it is therefore possible to start with small systems and services and subsequently adapt them quickly and easily.

NEAT is characterised by a number of modern and advanced features, the main ones of which are described below.

Trex Wireless Nurse Call

The TREX system offers a multitude of radio modules, each specialised for a specific task. Alongside the traditional ones (bed buttons, bathroom rods...) there are others such as, just to name a few, wrist buttonsfor the fall reliefflood, gas, fire and many more. Points of reference for device management are the TREX receiver and the dedicated PC with software for service quality analysis.

Gate control

The D-POS dementia system provides for the control of patients approaching a gateway without authorisation. The patient, by means of his D ATOM wrist transmitter or his CABAR, approaching the controlled gateway, transmits his position to the nurse. The patient then,thanks to the small size and weight of its wrist transmitter, it is controlled without giving up its freedom of movement.

Bedside patient control

NEAT offers a solution capable of detect the patient moving away from their bed and, from that moment on, start a timer within which they can manage their needs. The timer, easily programmableIt adapts to the patient's condition and, in the event of failure to return, warns of a possible emergency situation.

Integration with telephone exchange for communication also with family members outside the facility

The system uses a modern IP telephone exchange, which is intimately connected to the nurse call and all NEAT services. Thanks to this, the resident can communicate with the nurse by pressing a button on the handset or wrist transmitter. If appropriately connected to the external telephone network, and if the service is activated by the management, such a station allows the patient to communicate with loved ones. From the console telephone of the head of the room, it is also permitted to send announcements to one or all of the facility's telephones.

Additional functionalities

Sensor Neat: The NEAT system makes use of countless sensors to offer functionalities such as, to name just the main ones, bathroom alarm, fall alarm, no-motion alarm, gas alarm, flooding and many more. Among these, it is worth mentioning the possibility of managing the patient at home with the help of specific devices briefly described below:


  • NOVO ANALOGUE/IP/GSM: The device to be installed in the user's home features models capable of operating on analogue, IP, GSM lines, so as to adapt to any existing infrastructure. Equipped with wireless technologyIt is able to communicate with all those sensors that are useful for the security of the user in his or her home. Typically, following an alarm situation, it generates a voice communication with the emergency manager.
  • NEMO GSM ALARM TRANSMITTER: Thanks to its small size and weight, NEMO provides protection for people on the move. Equipped with manual, no movement and man-down alarms, it represents a reliable and professional solution. The device can also be alarmed by a wrist button.
  • NEAT NOVO GO: (coming by June 2021) NOVO GO represents the ultimate solution through which users can be protected by a wristband designed for the transmission of vital parameters and thus for tele-medicine. It is expected to be deployed within the first 6 months of 2021.

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